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Important ChaoticPrison Reset - Saturday, November 5th
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IGN: OwningProdsMC
3 months ago

The time has come to announce ChaoticPrison’s Server Reset which will take place at 6:00pm ET on Saturday, November 5th. We thank you all for your patience over the past year as the staff team put in hundreds of hours to make this reset happen. One of the biggest updates includes upgrading from version 1.8 up to 1.16, which meant we needed to rebuild the server’s infrastructure from scratch. Without the support from the staff team, this reset would not be so close to complete, especially not with the complexities of these changes. Many aspects of chaotic will of course remain, however, there is a ton of changes we’ve implemented that will be apart of the change log that will be released for your viewing alongside the server’s reset. We hope you all have a wonderful week, and we look forward to seeing you all back on next week where the adventures will continue! Once the server is live, you will be able to connect via ChaoticPrison.org ip address.

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IGN: Bankz
3 months ago

About time, back to MC.

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3 months ago


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IGN: VeryFishy
3 months ago

Awesome to see that this server is still up and running!
As someone who used to play back in 2015-2016 or around there somewhere, i was happy to see that chaoticprison was still up when i was considering going back to minecraft. I've started playing again now since the reset, and seen lots of great changes since last time i played. 
Im just wondering a bit about the voting rewards. I used to remember there being vote crate keys as a reward for when you vote, but now it seem to have been switched out to inmate keys. Is there a reason for this? And how do you then get vote crate keys now? 

I'm also wondering if there is still possible to fish for bones and strings, or has this been entirely switched out to fish?