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NameMC :venjelle
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So, while expressing SAB (Study Avoiding Behavior). I decided to see how profitable the 'extra' mine in /warp SL was.
As it turns out: it's not a bad idea to clear it out.

To get a good reference point of how much money you make when you clear the mine, I mined it out 10 times (which took around 9 minutes each time).
This resulted in 68 Slime Blocks and 164 Ender Chests on average. Which I would sell for $996 Mil. on average.

My best run was the 2nd run where I got:
78 Slime Blocks and 169 Ender Chests which I sold for $1.066 Bil.

Of course, these are averages which -in my opinion- aren't as accurate as percentages. So, I translated my runs to percentages:

  • Slime Block ~3%
  • Ender Chest ~7%
  • Jack O'Lantern ~17%
  • Granite ~13%
  • Polished Granite ~ 10%
  • Dark Prismarine ~ 10%
  • Prismarine ~10%
  • Prismarine Brick ~10%
  • Packed Ice ~10%
  • Red Sand ~10%

In a 13x13x14 mine filled with 2366 blocks this results in:

~71 Slime Blocks and ~166 Ender Chests that can be sold for a total of $1.019 Bil. at the SL sell sign and in /warp shop.

In conclusion:
If you were to clear out the 'extra' mine at /warp SL you would make around $1.019 Bil. per 9 minutes.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

SL-Extra profitable? 3 months ago

Now that the final hour before the great reset has begun. I felt like writing my introduction.

My name is Jelle better known was venjelle (proncounced venyelluh).
I've first joined Chaotic Prison in late late 2013 or very early in 2014. I don't even know when exactly, but I do know that I was 12 years old. After joining the server/community I've never managed to quit. Even though I didn't really use the chat that often and was mostly playing with friends from school. I don't know why but I just kept playing and playing and playing. Probably like many of you did too. And here we are. 8 years later and waiting for the next reset.

Let's hope it will be as great as the previous ones. :)

Hello! 3 months ago
No friends.