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The new name is an L will never replace the classic kittycruiser626

KittTea <3 about 1 year ago

Hello I am Panda, I started playing around 2017 which is almost 5 years ago kind of hard to believe. Quit the server for a while but came back every so often here and there. Then had some urge in early 2020 to play MC Prison again and really began to enjoy it. Quarantine hit and I became fully addicted like most of us to this server and stuck with it ever since which was a great decision because I have made some great friends along the way. Can't wait to see what this reset has in store and excited to grind Chaotic again. 


Panda's Intro over 2 years ago

Wassup Fragels you remember me? 

MrFragels Intro over 2 years ago

You should indeed follow the secondary chaotic prison account (ran by yours truly and the goat himself Tsteddy) 

TSTEDDY BABIEEEE over 2 years ago
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