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Hello Pars sister,


Glad to have you on board again! :D

intro 24 days ago

Nice to have you back and on board. Looking forward to seeing you in game!

intro 29 days ago

Looking forward to seeing you kicking around again Burnt. Great memories with you.

Introduction about 1 month ago

Hello folks,


My name is Eternal_Fires, or most notably, Eternal. I've been playing since original 3.0 and was very active until about Destiny merge. I'm also known as Baby Ernal by some. 


For those who know me, or those who don't, I come from an extensive background of gaming for fun and security for life work. Served 3 years in 2015-2018 at the 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown under C Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoons, 2nd Battalion as an Armoured Soldier (Tank operator 00005). Currently I work as a private security consultant in the piers and ports that surround the East Coast of Canada and sometimes working within American ports as well. I plan on leaving security work to slow down my life and hopefully spend more time within the community of Chaotic.


Can't wait to see you all,



Eternal_Fires Introduction 3 months ago
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