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Right, where do I even start.... 

Hi, I'm Lottie! 

I haven't been here for as long as most of you oldies have, but during my time here you've all made me feel so welcome. So what's my story? I've been playing Minecraft since my 7th birthday (12 whole years ago), started off playing Towny/Factions and then fell in love with Prison. I absolutely suck at building but I like collecting things both irl and in game - which is why I love Prison so much:) I've been Helper here since early morning of January 12th. The whole staff team has been putting in so much time and effort making this reset the best it could be for all of you and I cannot wait for us to be back together after so long!

For so many of us getting stuck in front of a screen for hours and hours a day is our safe space. Before I came across Chaotic, I was server hopping for quite a while, finding one - playing for a week - leaving. I stuck with Chaotic because of all you suckers. You're great sometimes:)


From your favourite gnome💗

Hey:) about 1 year ago
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