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Hello, everyone! My user is VanillaNekopara, but you all probably know me as Harmon.

I just turned 19 years old on Monday, so I'm feeling old and cranky. I love anime, with my top two right now being One Piece and Attack on Titan. Right now, my go-to games are Rocket League and Splitgate, with a little bit of Gunfire Reborn in there too. I don't really play Minecraft much anymore, but I know that I'm willing to play consistently again when Chaotic returns.

A month or so ago, I was looking online for the Chaotic discord to see if it was still online, since the server parted with Destiny. Imagine my surprise when I saw that a new reset was coming soon :3. I started playing Chaotic when I was 13 years old, in 2017. I was really cringey back then (im sorry ;'D) but I think I've gotten a little better. I used to play mainly for PvP, but I've gotten really trash after not playing Minecraft for so long (not that i was good anyway :D), so I'll just stay for the community. 

I really can't wait for the server to come back online, I'm looking forward to playing with you all! <33

Harmon 3 months ago
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