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Please add a /shop farm for the people who try to make money other than mining. 

EASIER FARM SELLING about 1 year ago

Wow, it’s been a long time. I started playing chaotic in 2013, it was toward the end of 1.0. My favorite parts I remember were the little spawn area, and the 4 biome FFA area. It’s sort of strange being an adult now especially when I started playing chaotic when I was fresh into junior high. I remember as a kid doing landscaping, chores and shoveling driveways of snow just so I could afford the donor+ rank to then the +Insane+ rank and most recently the custom rank. Im very excited to start playing again and I can’t wait to see some old but familiar names. Cheers everyone! 

Drink’s Intro about 1 year ago
No friends.
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