1st Year of Chaotic

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posted Nov 30, 14
We have achieved so much in the past year. Bringing it back to the first week till now.
Some of our achievements include:
We created Chaotic in 3 days, yes we have perfected it over the past year but 72 hours to create this in my eyes is amazing! 
In the first week we averaged 60 players, which is astonishing as we started Chaotic is $45.00 just for a host, and as most of you probably know I am a graphic designer so I did all of the graphics. 

My most favourite thing of all is bringing togethor the community into teamspeak, we have maxed out the teamspeak a few times and I feel its where the real action happens, you can talk with friends, the staff, and me, get help. 

Recently we introduced server events, which seem to be a hugeeee hit. I will continue to build these with dum_turtle and maybe have a few more people.
Also I have stayed up all night building the new spawn, so I hope you guys like that!

          Ever since day 1 of Chaotic, since before Chaotic with RadicalPvP and back into before even creating a minecraft server I have always made this entirely for you, if I broke even chaotic would still be up. Chaotic has changed my life and many others, we have had up moments and down moments. The biggest thing to me is that it actually changed my life, the people, the change in perspective, the way I think has changed so much. A few people specifically have changed me, as well as the community as a whole.That you cannot buy with money and without the players I would not have that. 
          I can tell everyone there has been offers upwards of 200,000 to buy chaotic, I would never sell you guys out and I would never hurt any one of you intentionally. Without Chaotic, without everyone who plays and supports us as a community my life would not be the same, this is honest to my heart, every single one of you, if I joke with you or if I am talking seriously to you. I care and love every single person on the server, new or old, nice or rude. If anyone ever needs to talk please come to me, I will keep everything private, and I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

Statistics from the year:
Members: 2,793 Threads: 2,025 Posts: 13,896 Views: 400,380
Unique Hits: 218,150
Before reset uniques: 143,812
After reset uniques: 55,837
- Over 5200 Buycraft Transactions!
Unorganised but contains a lot of details. :)

Love you all!
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