New Server Website

OwningProdsMC 1Owner posted Oct 13, 14
The server website has been updated thanks to some nice web developers. They gave the server an amazing deal and if you ever need web work you should check them out! Comment with feedback or if you find any small errors then it is much appreciated! Thank you all for the support.

In other news: We will be having some new custom plugins coming in soon. If you have any suggestions or anything then please make a forum post and we will give feedback and maybe even add it to the forums or ingame :D

We are making the Teamspeak Active so come join and have some fun:
Teamspeak :
Also I have started streaming Minecraft Survival:
Stream :  8:00 PM EST *Not everynight*

Thanks a lot!
McXSLAYER OwningProdsMc, This is McXSLAYER. You Should Add A /kit Halloween 'till November 7th! :3 Btw awesome server!
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