Chaotic 2.2.2

OwningProdsMC 1Owner posted Dec 24, 16


Achievements: ( /aach )
Playing the game? Want something fun to do?
Well now as you play the game you can work on achievements!
Achievements are simple and hard tasks which you can do throughout the game. Slowly
build up your portfolio of accomplishments and compete between a leaderboard.
Some interesting rewards!
/aach - lists the commands
/aach list - gui of all achievements, shows all completed/incompleted
/aach top - leaderboard/rankings
/aach stats - your current achievement statistics

Build Shop: ( /build )
Accessible at Rank D
This shop is for those of you Builders who are interested in having a little ease in the process. Worried about running out of blocks? No longer a problem! Click to buy.

A minigame which your goal is to knock down your opponents using your shovel and or snowballs, the last person alive in this brawl wins! There's a ranking / leader board system.
/warp spleef - warp to the spleef lobby
/spleef join (gamename) - join a spleef game
/spleef leave - leave the game you are currently in
/spleef vote - vote to start the game

Now instead of saying the name of the item it will always default to saying to name on that individual item.
Basically, now there'll be no confusion on whether or not an item is real or not.

Prestige 3:
Added in /shop Prestige3

/shop Completionist /shop Prestige1 /shop Prestige2
Changed spawn a bit to coincide with what some were asking for (still may needs some more adjustments)
Updated the Tab Animation
Changed all colors, chat messages, made chat more clean/slick
Bring all the plugins up to date.
New Server Icon (With logo) + MOTD
Announcer - changed many announcements to be more prevalent
Ask if you've voted pops up a little less.
New Chaotic Mine

Thanks for everyone's insight and I hope to even add more changes in the coming weeks while I am home.
Please give us your feedback.
Reset will happen around 12/24/2016 - 2:00PM EST comment here

Foxy550 my sister wants to play this server on her tablet but we dont know the port. can you tell us?
SilverFangyang How do I join ur serve?